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Our Ottawa-based graphic design firm specializes in custom graphic design, web design and development, motion graphics, video production, desktop publishing, graphic car wraps and large-scale exhibit displays.



JoyGrafika provides full branding services for variety of clients. We carefully consider their target markets and provide creative communication solutions to make any brand stand out from the crowd.

Web Development

JoyGrafika provides web design services that foster user friendly navigation and information sharing. During the development stage we ensure reliability by thoroughly testing the integrity using up-to-date technology. In our efforts to deliver the best possible services, we provide consultations to understand the needs of the user and offer solutions for logical presentation of information in this communication media. We successfully tailored web design and content to ensure that the message delivered by our client is formatted to meet the needs of the client’s audience. JoyGrafika is proud to offer a website design and development service that are compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

Publications and Resource Documents

JoyGrafika’s team has extensive experience in the design and development of many print and electronic publications targeted at specific audiences such as older adults, youth and diverse professional groups. We take care to ensure that publications are designed with appropriate visuals and graphic elements in efforts to meet our clients’ goals whether it is to educate, solicit feedback or donations, advertise, acknowledge support, foster partnerships, provide technical specifications, or deliver programs.

Trade Shows and Conferences

Over the years JoyGrafika has supported our clients’ participation in trade shows by designing logos, stationary packages, promotional materials, booth displays, programs, event websites, name tags and car wraps.

Motion Graphics and Video

With the growing demand for motion graphics and video we found ourselves in a unique position to be able to provide these services to our clients and help them in their efforts to reach their audience by using motion graphics to capture interest and engage the viewer. Our custom motion graphics and videos can be found on our client’s home pages and in their customized e-cards.

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